When sun rays fall
To the wintery frost
Her Care is such
For warmth, I halt.

Cold wind blows
And nights crawl in
Her hands have the touch,
A sweet slumber to flow

A bewildered mind to cross
the waters of mile
A stone that shimmers
in the solitude, I find.
To which footsteps I keep
And expects no favour
So facile her love, that
Makes everything I bind.

My part is all her’s
And she’s all mine
Mother is more than
An Ocean of divine.
Happy mother’s Day Maa

© 2020 Khwabo ka Sapna

kavita(hindi) poetry

“Fire and Ice”

© 2020 Khwabo ka Sapna

I like to embrace different emotions of a woman. I truly believe that a woman can turn the tables, mould the rocks, make or break any empire when she comes to realize herself. I belong to a society where since ancient times way back from Indus valley civilization, women(in hindu mythology as Goddess Shakti) or her yonis are worshipped and yet ironically sometimes my eyes tear out when a few masses of society try to pull her down. Even though it exists in our society I wish to cherish and support her divine forms and euphoric aura.

Certainly, she comes to her full potential when she gets support from her men in life be it her father brother husband friend but most importantly she needs support of another divine woman too. And this remains a silent key. Think about it!