Raw, it’s stirred for longer hours
Hands that hold
Blend with love
Oh it’s Appetizing
And there’s a Drooling face!
Slow it takes,
It’s getting transformed
From the raw to the fine;
Smell of the cookery
It’s everywhere
It spreads and gives flair
Tangy tinge and opened taste buds
Those green colour garnish
Oh it’s a binge!
It only matters; the end result it is
It can’t be undone.
Power of the hands
Hands that hold patience and
Blend with love.

© 2020 Khwabo ka Sapna


Am in awe of you.

Glittering stars,
Those bewitching eyes.
Luminous face,
Like a moon’s grace.
Herculean carcass,
Like a mountain’s mass.
Cherubic contemplation
Like angelic deliberation.

When I saw you,
Oh, I am in awe of you.

© 2020 Khwabo ka Sapna



‘Sigh’, it calms my pain

Difficult to be , yet so plain!

‘Smile’ it brings me life

Filler it is in the gaps and viles.

‘Love’ it makes me a child

Older it gets, yet so wild.

© 2020 Khwabo ka Sapna

Sometimes It’s only the elements we need, to happily grow together. Take a sigh, smile and love! Good night!


A Notification

Namaste! Hallo! BonJour! hello!

I believe that you all are keeping yourself safe from the ailing air around and your family and friends are also doing fine. I am sure we shall conquer this one too, Humanity had always done it in the past-Survived, learnt and Evolved!

It’s a different post am sharing with y’all today.

What’s one thing that you do very often, almost everyday ?

I think you’d all agree with me when I say that checking the Notification of any of the enaging media, has become sine qua non for all of us and definitely am no exception to it.

I posted a blog yesterday ‘White colour wings’ and my cellphone was beeping because of the notifications and I, so, open my WordPress App and see a Comment!(and certainly a happy moment for me cause I have very less followers and I love to see someone liking what I write) by ‘Buddingb‘. Nomination!for an award! I take a double look! Yeah, there is someone who appreciates my work and to be honest, I was unaware until that time, that bloggers have some online awards to motivate, discover new blogs, and this one does the same. Liebster Award, the word ‘Liebster’ in German means Friend and so one of my blogger friend has Nominated me for this one and am pleased to share it with you all.

I am touched and thank Buddingb for this gesture, Gracias Querido!

So let me introduce my Amicus, Buddingb– blogger whose artistic words are expressively blended with intelligence and emotions. I think what else do we need to get into his flight of fancy? So, La La La!! I am also onboard when I read his write ups. Really like, Title, Anne, Inception etc. they have filled a sense of curiosity in me to click, open and read when a new post is put up.

I wish you keep on penning more and more. Buddingb can be reached here-


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  3. Share 11 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 5-11 other bloggers.
  5. Ask your nominees 11 questions.
  6. Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post.

Questions asked by Buddingb and my answers to them :

  1. Which is your favorite city?- Well, I love to go to Rishikesh,India. The word Rishikesh/hrishikesh means ‘Lord of the Senses’ ,I find the city magical, it has connected with my inner self through my senses.
  2. If you get to know that you are going to die tomorrow, what would be your last conscious act?- Wow, I’d close my eyes and experience state of samadhi(meditation) to not do anything and experience a detachment just before dying and be ready to die.
  3. Where do you live?- I live in the capital of India
  4. Favorite food?-umm, that’s a difficult choice you asked me to make, I think I love to eat Indian cuisine and street food(Pani-Puri)
  5. Where did you travel last?-Gujarat, India.
  6. How would you define love?-state of devotion.
  7. What is essence of life for you?- doing one’s most righteous act but sometimes I end up with laissez-faire of life( main Zindagi Ka sath nibhaata Chala gya har fikar ko dhue me udaata chalagya ie Let it be).
  8. If someone cheats on you, will you accept him/her back within your present framework of reason?-Yes I will. Sometimes its just the bad actions not a bad human. No-one is good always.
  9. Beach or mountains?- certainly mountains
  10. Road trip in bike or Car?- Car, preferably. I love to go by bike also but as a pillion rider.
  11. If you answered the above ten already, you are kind souls. thank you.- Yes I did. Thanks for appreciating.

My Questions for the Nominee:

  1. What kind of writings do your love to read and write?
  2. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  3. What’s the first thing that you do after waking up?
  4. If you had the ability to turn back time, what time period would you return to?
  5. I give you a magic wand that can do anything what one thing would you like to do with that?
  6. Do you like solo travelling, if yes, then whats the most important thing you learnt while doing so?
  7. What do you love to cook?
  8. Do you believe in the concept of soulmate?
  9. Share any of your two most liked books/songs?
  10. What do you do when you feel ecstatic?
  11. If you have answered my questions, I again thank you for your time. Do you want to ask anything to me?

My Nominations:

The Godly Chic Diaries

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Tiffany Renee Harmon

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João maria

Thanks all for reading. Spreading love! Take care.




Each one of us goes through phases, Phases of highs, phases of determinations, lows, eating, fasting, exercising, writing, posting, celebrating, fighting, crying, loving and what not.. All we do is, we just start and then change, cause I have read it somewhere- Change is the only Constant and is a necessary one. So when we start, we are confused or may be clear, may be in the middle when we reach; we are somewhere, where we feel- What the heck? what did I do? how shall I make it better or just complete it. We are basically sometimes LOST, Don’t we? I think All we need is just Sit, Contemplate, identify and take that VEIL off and may be the help just reaches us! so this one is for our phase of Bewilderment!

“Day has started
In the glimpse of the ray.
Seated at the corner
Held the cup of my tea,
Sipping everytime
As I prayed to thee;
promises I made
So shall begin to keep.

Wasn’t any different-
That difficult it may seem
“Inside the equanimity
Shall remain in this spree.”

Sun shines no different
But clouds Block it see.
It may seem a riddle
Cause, thoughts bring the veil.

Keep the trash in or dispose it once out
Day it is no far,
When you see the fruits sprout.
So Ain’t there a sunshine?

Open your eyes; you may see.” Write photo prompt by Sue Vincent-Veiled

© 2020 Khwabo ka Sapna


kavita(hindi) poetry


कहां तोह बचपन में ये किया करते थे,
वोह किया करते थे बस केह ही रहे थे कि, बचपन के आसमां से ही मुलाकात होगई ।
सितारों का गिनना तोह हुआ ही और
चंदा मामा से भी बात हो गई ।।

© 2020 Khwabo ka Sapna

#quarantine#nature #love

kavita(hindi) poetry



Aaj fir waqt sath hai,
Aur Apne bhi paas hain
Par iski kya khas baat hai?
Ki, man aaj yun udaas hai?

Uski Jo ek hi aas hai,
Ki us har insaan k paas, ek chain ki saans ha,
Jiski bebas se halaat me,
Uska saahas, vartman ki pyas ha..

Par Haan, ek aisi bhi raat hai,
Aur Apne bhi paas hain,
Unke hasne ki hasi
In kaano Ka raas hai.

Aur aisi bhi baat hai ki baato Ka aabhaav hai..par prashno Ka bahaav hai..

Kaisa prakarti Ka swabhaav hai
Ki khwabo k daud me
aur kaamane k daur mein
Bhaagte logo ko Diya ek tehraav hai..

In sabhi palo ki
Pehli yeh pehchaan hai
Ki aaj arso baad
Manushye manushyata k paas hai
Aasman zameen key..
Aur toh aur, aaj
Pehli baar, vo aparichit chalrahi saansein is jaan ki,
Jaan kar hi bas paas hai…
Sapna Arora

© 2020 Khwabo ka Sapna

शायरी (shayari) poetry



Is chehre ki

kashish ko

main kabhi

door na

Jane dun

Ek dusre me

Khoye rehkar

Main kisi

Aur ko na aane dun..

© 2020 Khwabo ka Sapna


No Deal!

Hey you all out there, Everyone of you.

You all have your own worth, Protect yourself from letting anyone burn your Essence!

Fight for your cause, reach out to the refinement you want to see in yourself and embrace the support you get from the Universe.!

© 2020 Khwabo ka Sapna

शायरी (shayari) poetry

“Soul mate-Union of Shiva and Shakti”

© 2020 Khwabo ka Sapna

Those who fall out in anything that you love and think that you lose it accidently or incidently, only thing you can do is Have faith! Union of your Shiva and Shakti is bound to happen. Happy Loving!

kavita(hindi) poetry

Go on.

Life is balance of highs and lows, it is focus, effort and execution of the focused effort. its never always the same . “When we do the right things, everything falls at place- a wise man once said it to me”.

It all passes. Good, bad, fear or strength, Nothing is permanent. Live in this moment with equanimity. Rest all the Gods shall see!

kavita(hindi) poetry

“Fire and Ice”

© 2020 Khwabo ka Sapna

I like to embrace different emotions of a woman. I truly believe that a woman can turn the tables, mould the rocks, make or break any empire when she comes to realize herself. I belong to a society where since ancient times way back from Indus valley civilization, women(in hindu mythology as Goddess Shakti) or her yonis are worshipped and yet ironically sometimes my eyes tear out when a few masses of society try to pull her down. Even though it exists in our society I wish to cherish and support her divine forms and euphoric aura.

Certainly, she comes to her full potential when she gets support from her men in life be it her father brother husband friend but most importantly she needs support of another divine woman too. And this remains a silent key. Think about it!