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  • In the beginning
    In the beginningIts not the storm,But just a jerkTurmoils the systemTo a disaster.A simple thoughtLinking the locksOf chain of negativityBombarding the nervousSystem with complexitiesIn the beginningIt’s […]
  • Hope
  • Cry of love
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  • When you’re with me
    My dried leaves just breathe to blossomI dance on the tunes of our rhythmWhen you are with meTime flies, there exists no word called as BoredomI […]
  • Ballerina
    White lights pouring the tulle does gleam sweaty toes and glossy shoes,wooden floor beneath Hands rising, up in the air as graceful as they could be […]
  • Coming back to life
    It’s been a long journeyAnd no restCountless maples fallen at a breath,The silence of the roadWith fireflies at sidesDisordered thoughtsBrimming the river of quests.A wanderer in […]
  • Six word story Prompt#3- Coffee
    “My Arteries carry Coffee than blood.“😛🤗☕ In response to Shweta’s Saturday’s Six word Story Prompt
  • Reversing Gravity.
    “Sometimes you just don’t want to see the reflection of yours through words or mirrors.Sometimes light just don’t show up cause, its in the dark that […]
  • Thursday Poetry competition results!!!
    Firstly, I would like to Congratulate Everyone who received this award and took part in this competition by sharing their precious writings with all of us. […]
  • Intoxication, haiku#3