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Red Dot

“She was playing in the fields
It was five in the eve
Sharing chuckles and giggles with her peeps,
Suddenly, her eyes see her pants bleed.
She wasn’t informed of-
About these monthly norms, so
Befuddled! She runs, with a
A timorous sob,
And Shows her mother
Her Imbrued shorts.

Hush Hush, she was told
To grab the piece of cloth
From a 12 year old,
you are now a lady grown
Prepare with adornments
For your ceremonial flaunts
It’s a monthly deal, your body has owned.

And this ‘Red dot’ shows up
Every 28 days like the moon is sought.
But with these 5 days,
Many social stigmas are brought,
Prejudices and discrimination heavies her bloat.
Towels torn to be used for repititive clots.
Unaware about the hygiene
Her life is though put, on a Risky shot.

Infrastructure, sanitary supplies,
Medications are needed a lot,
Be aware not hide, cause
Periods are not a shame
Or a taboo to be thought!”

I am a little late in posting this but, Better late than Never.
I think almost every woman who reads my post here, is privileged enough to get the necessary supplies for her menstrual hygiene but I believe she must be certainly connected to women( like helpers, cooks, maids, any friend, acquaintance,e.t.c) who don’t have much access/ awareness about the importance of menstrual hygiene. And I too participate in spreading information about this, which is crucial in this time of adversity. Doing my duty as a Netizen, for those who are deprived of their Fundamental Rights.

‘Periods in pandemics’
The pandemic has adversely affected millions of women and girls from economically disadvantaged sections of the society who are finding it difficult to manage their periods safely, hygienically and with dignity.

The UNICEF-launched a week-long campaign #RedDotChallenge for ensuring all girls manage their periods safely.

The campaign was launched ahead of the Menstrual Hygiene Day — to recognise the importance of menstrual health and hygiene issues and bring to attention the difficulties faced by adolescent girls, further exacerbated amidst the crisis.

The theme for this year’s MHD was ‘Periods in pandemics’.

The Menstrual Hygiene Day is an annual event which was initiated in the year 2014 by the German based NGO WASH United which aims to benefit women and girl worldwide through their awareness programme. May 28 was selected as the day to acknowledge that 28 days is the average length of the menstrual cycle.

India is also participating in the campaign through social media, many celebrities including the former Miss World Manushi Chhillar  have come up with their posts of awareness.

Indian Railways took the initiative to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene among women passengers on Shramik trains.

Assam Branch of Indian Tea Association (ABITA)-UNICEF celebrated Menstrual Hygiene Day in various tea gardens (ABITA) with the sole objective of creating awareness among the tea garden community on ‘Menstrual Hygiene Management’.

You may Read Covid-19-periods-in-pandemic-9-things-to-know

About this crisis in African countriesI have started.

Also some Indian government schemes associated with this mission.

Menstrual Hygiene Scheme by Indian government

If you wish you may share this post and spread the word, if you have suggestions, do comment below and please I request to talk to women or girls who work under you about their conditions. May be you can help them in some way. Thank you.

Thanks for reading.

Ps: I forgot to mention out something, yes I know Men might hesitate to share these talks straightaway with women, thinking they might offended or something. I can still help you in participating, so this month, when you give your helpers(male) or your employees a salary, do gift them a packet of sanitary napkin with piece of advice to protect their wives’ or loved one’s health.

Thank you again.

By Light of Life

I am born in India, am a Civil Engineer by profession and Punjabi by nature. I am pleased to have you here reading my words. I hope you are doing fantastically fine. if you are not then let me tell you Pain is like a Rocket fuel, you burn out and you move ahead to your destination. But I will hope that you're happily reading. So again coming back to me, Apart from building roads at work, I love writing poetries and articles.
I love to garden, plant saplings and see them grow. Everything needs the right amount of resources and time to come out in their full form and Nature is the best teacher of it.
I also have an interest in travelling, I love to talk to people I meet in my odyssey and understand the subtle emotions they try to connect with.
I have travelled most parts of India and would love to see the entire country. Also, am keen to know different cultures of the world that define Humanity.
I Believe in Love, Laughters and Listening. Happy to have you reading till the end

28 replies on “Red Dot”

Yes right,Indian Railways have come up with distribution of sanitary pads to the migrating women in this pandemic and various NGOs and organisations like ABITA, mentioned are also involved in distribution of the same.


Actually NGOs and all don’t have that kind of a reach which Govt. have, most of the women don’t have the monetary power to buy these costly Pads. It need to come directly from Govt. like the Mid Day meal plan, than different NGOs can participate in a manner they want.

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Yeah I agree, there is this Menstrual hygiene scheme which includes distribution of quality sanitary napkins to girls and women in 17 states at low cost but awareness and openness to break the cultural silence about this subject is too low in the country which eventually makes them deprived of better facilities.


Yea there are a lot of ways that cross my mind to implement this. Like distribution with rations, gas cylinders, in hospitals while delivery etc. I hope the government is doing its part, if not, people like you and I are there in the government to make it work probably, till then, our part is spreading awareness I think.

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Ps: I forgot to mention out something, yes I know men might hesitate to share these talks straightaway with women, thinking they might offended or something. I can help you in participating, this month when you give your helpers(male) or your employees a salary, do gift them a packet of sanitary napkin with piece of advice to protect their wives’ or loved one’s health.


Hahahaha command her to present her husband or father before her.😛kidding, okay something must b there what you can do in this regard. May be ask her to talk to me.🙈😋


This subject is so important to be talked about and create awareness because menstrual hygiene is extremely important and no body should shy away to talk about it and address issues around it…Periods are not a shame but is a natural biological process…Thanks for bringing this up:)

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Yeah, women are trying to improve their conditions and their surroundings. I think when we all join hands things are going to get better soon.
With us, there is a problems of judgements we judge too soon sometime..since you understand this post, this is just my thought I felt like sharing with u friend. And it’s pleasures meeting you,
am Sapna Arora.

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Great to meet you too dear Sapna…It’s always nice to find friends here that keep motivating…Love you:)

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Hahaaaah it’s fine ya Sapna…I do make mistakes a lot and then feel like ohh shit y is that sentence like that…It’s all fine…Keep safe:)

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