I Said, You Heard!

When I said,
You heard.
But only
Silence muttered.

To me,
Your words
were like the
Lull of falling waters,
But this dead air
has become
a colossal storm
Of thoughts
whirling inside,
An endless surge,
hankering to hear.

Again When I said,
You heard,
But your sealed lips,
moved away with No words
I plead,
to now, let this voice
Be heard
And let it so loud,
That the thunders prevail
And rains of tears
fall from eyes
Of the monsters,
who mirthed.
Your dearth of voice
Will fervour their ruth
But your roaring sound,
shall stab them through.

Now for once
Forgive yourself for
The plight you’re hurt.
Oh dear!
when I said this
I wish to hear from
your chords,
Years have passed.
I beg you to Converse.

There are a lot of people who don’t speak out against the atrocities they are going through. There can be many Reasons with which they convince themselves for not speaking out, but that only kill them inside and make the cruel more powerful. So I really hope that the one who is going through cruelties or have been through any tragic incident or attack should not confine it to oneself. It’s not meant to be that way, Let it out and give your self chance to forgive and forget what happened. Don’t die trying to delete it inside you, dare to discuss with any person you’re comfortable with. Focus on mental health. May be if you speak, another one is saved from sealing his/her lips.

Thanks for reading.

Inspired by VJ’s Weekly Challenge #98 – No words,

By Light of Life

I am born in India, am a Civil Engineer by profession and Punjabi by nature. I am pleased to have you here reading my words. I hope you are doing fantastically fine. This is a brief introduction about myself, Apart from building roads at work, I spend my time writing poetries and articles. Also, I love to garden, plant saplings and see them grow. You would agree that Everything needs the right amount of resources and time to come out in their full form and Nature is the best teacher of it.
I also have an interest in travelling, I love to talk to people I meet in my odyssey and understand the subtle emotions they try to connect with.
I have travelled most parts of India and would love to see the entire country. Also, am keen to know different cultures of the world that define Humanity.
I Believe in Love, Laughters and Listening. Happy to have you reading till the end

42 replies on “I Said, You Heard!”

There must be someone out there, I am very sure there must be someone to reach, universe is not that harsh. And still if not, I wish I could become that ear, I wish I could lend the shoulder for the tears. I wish to hear.

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The silence may be toxic, but I don’t see another way around. Sharing to someone is not a solution, you may feel good for a little while, but those things will again soon occupy their minds. You just can’t forgive and forget everything. It’s easier said than done

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It’s not easy at all, I do concur with your thoughts, it’s not possible even to forgive and forget everything but keeping to oneself and suffocating is creating a high pressure bubble in you and when that bursts it can hurt many around, so better if one is going through a cruelty he/she should speak out against it. May be the ears who listen to what they are going through can make a change in their life and even if one person is happy to receive the help, the seed is sown and thee strength is born. But yes it’s never easy at a time to be letting out what immensely has hurt you and it’s not even easier to even be in silent killing pain.

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I understand what you are saying here. But people almost always tend to go the silent path. One reason I understand is that they are afraid to speak out. It makes them relive the whole thing again.
Do you find any other reason for it? And what do you think about the solution?

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Indeed, they don’t want to relive that again. It’s very true and hence running away from people. I also feel they are manipulated many times by the one who is making their life miserable,
many times they don’t find the appropriate person cause people judge,
many times it’s the police that one should directly go to but they are scared and many a times it’s their fear of loneliness that they are trapped in and that makes the combination of the cruel and the suppressed( this is the case of love-relationship of man and woman) living in that zone, there are many more reasons I see, and solutions are also variable but I can say speaking out helps, cause I have see people who don’t speak out when they should are suffering even when life has offered them better than before. Solution is – talk to some one in time, build that much courage only that much courage rest the universe shall see, cause u were suffering any ways, if u speak out may be it helps or may be not. But take a chance to speak for a change not just to tell ur story. Seek a change. Ask yourself for a change. And make it happen to you.

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So talking to someone is the initial step, to gather the lost courage and strength.
It’s good for the person who is suffering, whether that person understands it or not.

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Staying silent can create turmoil within oneself. Finding someone sincere and willing to listen may be difficult but not impossible. It can do a body a world of good to be able to confide in someone and get their perspective. If one doesn’t feel comfortable breaking their silence, write it down somewhere – transfer your feelings even if only to paper or a computer. Excellent post and thank you for joining in.

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I concur with your thoughts, if one is not comfortable with any other person, a paper or a device is a good option. Thanks for connecting with this.
Thank you again. Have a great day Dear.


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