kavita(hindi) poetry


घुटन के इस माहौल में
आसुओं की बारिश ना कर ।
ये उमस भरी हवाएं
हमें थमने ना देंगी।।

© 2020 Khwabo ka Sapna


All the women and children who are facing violence and abuse in this tough times of lock down due to this outbreak of the pandemic, I pray thaty they be stronger safer and healthier than ever before.

Ghutan ke is maahol me

Aansuoo ki baarish na Kar
Ye umas bhari hawayein

Humne thamne na dengi.

By Light of Life

I am born in India, am a Civil Engineer by profession and Punjabi by nature. I am pleased to have you here reading my words. I hope you are doing fantastically fine. This is a brief introduction about myself, Apart from building roads at work, I spend my time writing poetries and articles. Also, I love to garden, plant saplings and see them grow. You would agree that Everything needs the right amount of resources and time to come out in their full form and Nature is the best teacher of it.
I also have an interest in travelling, I love to talk to people I meet in my odyssey and understand the subtle emotions they try to connect with.
I have travelled most parts of India and would love to see the entire country. Also, am keen to know different cultures of the world that define Humanity.
I Believe in Love, Laughters and Listening. Happy to have you reading till the end

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