“Power of Dreams”


In the beginning

In the beginningIts not the storm,But just a jerkTurmoils the systemTo a disaster.A simple thoughtLinking the locksOf chain of negativityBombarding the nervousSystem with complexitiesIn the beginningIt’s only a set of fearsAnd boundaries to pass onAnd few heartbeats moreNeeded to settle that down.In the beginning, Nothing matters, butIn the end,Beginning is what was needed the most.Cause […]

When you’re with me

My dried leaves just breathe to blossomI dance on the tunes of our rhythmWhen you are with meTime flies, there exists no word called as BoredomI sway on the cradle of freedomWhen you are with meYou just make a still life, Awesome!


White lights pouring the tulle does gleam sweaty toes and glossy shoes,wooden floor beneath Hands rising, up in the air as graceful as they could be and swirling the air above;blending in the scent of, the sweetest of roses And oh, my legs do slip like butter on the floor spanning like compass, sketching a […]

Coming back to life

It’s been a long journeyAnd no restCountless maples fallen at a breath,The silence of the roadWith fireflies at sidesDisordered thoughtsBrimming the river of quests.A wanderer in the mistTreading on the unmetalled sides,With pebbles and dirt only to guide.Winds screaming loud; outTheir zest,And crashing thunders, strikeLightning in her chest.She halted for a whileAnd looked aboveWith her […]

Reversing Gravity.

“Sometimes you just don’t want to see the reflection of yours through words or mirrors.Sometimes light just don’t show up cause, its in the dark that you are waiting for the clouds to clear.Sometimes its just the boredom you feel out of freedom.Sometimes your clock is ticking ticking but mind is stuck at a station.Sometimes […]

Thursday Poetry competition results!!!

Firstly, I would like to Congratulate Everyone who received this award and took part in this competition by sharing their precious writings with all of us. HR phoenix organises this poetry competition every Thursday and This is a super nice intiative for inspiring and uplifting the spirits of writers. Do check the link for Thursday […]


When sunsets down,Her phone rings andshe leaves the house for some sessionsA routine she’d followWithout fail or procastination. There wasn’t enough timeFor him to discuss his SorrowsOr suspicions;Illusive images of infidelityOh, Pierced his heart withpins and needles of friction.And inarticulated judgementswould fill to his thoughts of fiction,Ants in his pants made him restlessTo follow for […]

Six Word Story Prompt #2: Loneliness

Loneliness shouted back, “Fight You Trojans!“ This is in response to The Saturday six-word story prompt : Loneliness by Shweta of ‘My Random Ramblings’. Thanks for reading.

Three Line Tales: Pandora’s Box

“He was a Judas, like a snake in the grass.Swathed to her conscience tightly. Romance with Nature, closed the Pandora’s box for her and she was left forever with her beloved.” On June 5th, World Environment Day, I wish the earth heals herself and nature embraces us with her love and we break free from […]

‘A Sanguinary’. Haiku#2

“Tintless Humaness, Taken Cadaverous Hues. Empathy breathed; last!” Reading the headlines of Newspapers these days are wrenching my heart out. From a colour based death to innocent animals put in danger, the world if followed this path, shall turn into a Sanguinary soon. For more details Read: Pregnant wild elephant dies in Kerala after cracker […]


Hundred, 100!When prefixed with percent, closure of the Doubts.When it’s a century, differentiates generations.With A Score, makes one a headliner.When it’s A Number, digits marking an achievement.100 is told us to beAssociated with a prodigy.So frequently used,Memories it makes!And so a 100 followers, mark a moment of gratitude.Gratitude for having you here,Gratitude for liking what […]

Red Dot

“She was playing in the fieldsIt was five in the eveSharing chuckles and giggles with her peeps,Suddenly, her eyes see her pants bleed.She wasn’t informed of-About these monthly norms, soBefuddled! She runs, with aA timorous sob,And shows her motherHer imbrued shorts. Hush Hush, she was toldTo grab the piece of clothFrom a 12 year old,you […]

Six Word Story Prompt #1

This is in response to The Saturday six-word story prompt by Shweta of ‘My Random Ramblings’ and inspired by a post I read on my dear friend Era’s site. Prompt for Week #40 (May 30, 2020 – Jun 5, 2020): ‘Date’ “Historical Date!, Maid became an IAS”. Unfortunate Date, her son’s plane crashed. The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the administrative arm […]

Spreading love

Hello people Hope you are doing fantastic! I came across this amazing writing by ‘Ralph Waldo Emerson’ instilling some good vibes for the day. Lots of love

I Said, You Heard!

When I said,You heard.But onlySilence muttered. To me,Your wordswere like theLull of falling waters,But this dead airhas becomea colossal stormOf thoughtswhirling inside,An endless surge,hankering to hear. Again When I said,You heard,But your sealed lips,moved away with No wordsI plead,to now, let this voiceBe heardAnd let it so loud,That the thunders prevailAnd rains of tearsfall from […]

Scent of her

“Numb, broken into piecesLeft in the cold, relinquished.A Cologne with footstepsadvanced and held her up,With a Warm Hug, she came;To fix the shatters.” No one can replace the place of a woman who supports another woman in need. Certainly, she comes to her full potential when she gets support from her men in life be […]

City of Stars

Hello All, today I am sharing few lines about my Birthplace Amroha a city of the Uttar Pradesh state in India. It is located north-west of Moradabad. These lines are not enough to describe the heart and soul of it but still would like to share them on the occasion of Eid as this festival is brightly celebrated […]

Socha toh tha..

सोचा तोह था कि दूर कहीं बादलों को चीर रहे होंगे,कि कहीं आसमां भी धधक उठेगा मेरे आगमन की ध्वनि से।सोचा तोह था…कि नदी को रास्ता और समन्दर की गहराई को भी छू लेंगेकि मछलियां भी सहम उठेगी मेरे आगमन की ध्वनि से।सोचा तोह था किसबसे शक्तिशाली जीव बनके मनुष्य को भगवान बनादेंगेकि ईश्वर भी […]

An Orphan

His bleak piece of meat,Cacophony of his grief.Sweat shrieked on his skin,the scuffle for vittles to win. Destitute, the eyes,Never dared to dream a care!He shook my handAnd tried to share,A plight of his daily nightmares! Bottomless pit, bereft bowelsHis rags and dusts that travel.What are toys or his plays,All he thinks is to manage […]


शाम हुई नहीं किउनका खेल फिर शुरू होगयाहम गर्म चाय बनाए बैठे हैंऔर वो बर्फ मिलाए बैठे हैं। अब झगड़ा ना हो तो फिर क्या होहम जहां मुंह बनाए बैठे हैंवो वहीं मुंह पे हल्की सी,मुस्कराहट लाए बैठे हैं।फिर यही देखकर हम आंखो मेंअंगार लाए बैठे हैं,वहीं ग्लास को होठों के ज़रा पास लाकरआंखों में […]

Mystic Magical And Mesmerising

A Walk to Remember!

Walking in the meadows of wilderness,Struck by the purple haze,Oh they gliding cheerfully,Frolic their ways.A memory that binds,Oh a future that’s chasedDeserted on lands, yet so amazed. Walking on the sands of fire,Rippling their blaze,Oh they Piled together,half-baked assemblage.Mirage that binds,Oh a thirst that’s razed!Barren lands, yet so glazed. A Walk to Remember, and a […]


Make me thy wave,Lift me as thy tide.Placid in depths,Gushing outside Make me thy wave,To travel miles.Rustling together,Till the shore lies. © 2020 Khwabo ka Sapna


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The universe is made of Stories not atoms- by Muriel Rukeyser

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