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  • Cheers!
    PC: Pinterest
  • Spreading love
    Hello people Hope you are doing fantastic! I came across this amazing writing by ‘Ralph Waldo Emerson’ instilling some good vibes for the day. Lots of…
  • I Said, You Heard!
    When I said,You heard.But onlySilence muttered. To me,Your wordswere like theLull of falling waters,But this dead airhas becomea colossal stormOf thoughtswhirling inside,An endless surge,hankering to hear.…
  • Scent of her
    “Numb, broken into piecesLeft in the cold, relinquished.A Cologne with footstepsadvanced and held her up,With a Warm Hug, she came;To fix the shatters.” No one can…
  • City of Stars
    Hello All, today I am sharing few lines about my Birthplace Amroha a city of the Uttar Pradesh state in India. It is located north-west of Moradabad. These lines…
  • Silence of words! #haiku
    Diving into my own Depths and Dipping in my own Desires
  • Socha toh tha..
    सोचा तोह था कि दूर कहीं बादलों को चीर रहे होंगे,कि कहीं आसमां भी धधक उठेगा मेरे आगमन की ध्वनि से।सोचा तोह था…कि नदी को रास्ता…
  • 16 Adornments
    Painting by Ritu Surana
  • An Orphan
    His bleak piece of meat,Cacophony of his grief.Sweat shrieked on his skin,the scuffle for vittles to win. Destitute, the eyes,Never dared to dream a care!He shook…